Welcome to the ipad2educate Wiki

As the Director of Technology and Director of Pupil Services of a small, rural K-12 school district, we are always searching for ways to assist ALL students in reaching their ultimate learning potential. After having the opportunity to use iPads ourselves for several months, we began to realize the potential that existed for the use of these devices in the classroom. Students (and adults) gravitate to the graphics, ease of use and interaction of the iPad, making it a perfect fit for use in the classroom! Knowing that more minds working together is better than a few, we have developed the ipad2educate wiki to encourage collaboration among like-minded educators out there who are willing to share their experiences with others for the benefit of all students.

The primary purpose of the ipad2educate wiki is to provide educators and parents with information regarding the use of iPads to increase the academic achievement and creativity of K-12 students. The hope is that educators will not only find this wiki helpful but that they will also contribute to the site by sharing apps that they have found beneficial in the classroom. So please, feel free to add your favorite apps to the collections located on the left or add a comment regarding apps already highlighted in the tables!

In addition to the tables outlining educational apps, you will find information from workshops that we have conducted which will provide guidance on topics such as the use of peripherals and Apple's Volume Purchasing Program.

There are many great educators who are utilizing iPads in the classroom and as we find them on the web we are adding links to their information via a Diigo group. Diigo is a social bookmarking site which allows the sharing of bookmarks with others who have similar interests. Check out the ipad2educate group and add a bookmark of your own!

We hope you find this wiki helpful and we welcome any comments or feedback so don't hesitate to contact us via email at:

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