Apple's Volume Purchasing Plan

The plan is a collaboration with developers who willing to offer discounts to education institutions that purchase a minimum quantity of 20 licenses.

For more information visit Apple's Volume Purchasing Plan website.

Here how it works...

  1. The school district will need to designate an employee as an Apple Authorized Purchaser.
    1. After approval as an authorize purchaser the designated employee has the ability to purchase iTunes Volume Vouchers in denominations of $100, $500, $1000, $5000, or $10000.
  2. The Authorized Purchaser must then fill out this spreadsheet and email it to
    1. One critical item when filling out this spreadsheet is that the email address has to be an address that does not already have an Apple or iTunes account. This account is only to be used to purchase volume apps from the volume apps website. It is also not recommended to use an employees email address, rather create a new email address with the specific purpose for the VPP - (i.e.
    2. The VPP account(s) created should be distributed to those people who will be authorized to make purchases of volume apps
  3. To purchase apps go to the online VPP store and sign in.
    1. This site is where you can redeem the Volume Vouchers, search for apps, and purchase apps.
    2. You will also be able to keep track of redemption and purchase history at this site
  4. After making a purchase a link to a spreadsheet will become available under your purchase history. This spreadsheet will provide redemption codes for the number of licenses purchased which can then be redeemed by individual accounts.