Round-Table Discussion

Pros to Use of iPads in Schools

Battery Life
Instant On
Durability - lack of a hinge
Visibility - ability to pinch, spin vs laptop
Adaptive Technology
Hook with the kids

Cons to use of iPads in Schools

No USB port
Flash Player (Wallaby may be a solution)
Keyboard Docks in portrait


User Account Management
Content Storage
VGA Out (iPad2 has HDMI)
Cost Effectiveness between iPad and iPod Touches

Challenges within District

Who Trains?
Sustainability - will battery be what it is now in three years?
What is the replacement cycle - 2yr? 3yr?
What is the appropriate configuration cycle
Same challenge - why is it necessary
For some teachers, it won't matter how much training, they won't use.
Where does training fit with priority to other programs (i.e. Learning Focus)
Ownership - personal iTunes, etc.
Student devices off network
Getting Parents Engaged